The particulars of my eating disorder and body issues are intricately wrapped up in my other addictions, my spirituality, my sexuality, my relationship (or lack thereof) with my mother, and so on and so forth. As such, I am going to be talking about those subjects here. I am going to cuss when I feel like cussing. I am going to rant when I feel like ranting. I will also probably contradict myself a bajillion times depending on whether I am disheartened or optimistic in any given day.

I realize that telling the uncensored version of my story has its drawbacks. Some details may be difficult for some of the people in my life (as well as some of the people who are no longer in my life) to hear.  Other subjects might be downright terrifying and humiliating to ‘fess up to myself. But I believe the truth will set me free…and therefore, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

I am initially trying to keep access to this blog somewhat limited. However, should you come across these pages and decide they are offensive to you in some way; you always have the option to cease reading. Should you decide it is your business to share the information on these pages with my relatives or whoever else, for the express purpose of hurting them, disappointing them, or even “enlightening them”, let me clear: that is your karmic journey- not mine. I am not here to shove my opinions, beliefs, or experiences in anyone’s face or embarrass and/or hurt anyone who has been a part of my life. This blog serves no other purpose but to aid in my own recovery, while perhaps assisting others who may struggle with similar issues.

The opinions and beliefs expressed on these pages are solely mine; I reserve the right to change/edit/evolve them as I so choose.

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