In the weeks since going gluten-free, in a lot of ways I have felt much better. That is certainly what you all must think, because that is really all I have mentioned here in this forum. However, while true that after the majority of meals, I would feel fine (better), sometimes I would still get familiar symptoms of joint tenderness, fatigue, bloating and cramps. I still have not had any major migraines, but I have had a few sporadic minor headaches. This prompted me to want to go on a elimination diet and find out if there were other culprits in my diet contributing to these issues. There are fancy, expensive lab tests one can have done to find out the same thing, but I am in no place to go that route.


One night- the night immediately after writing my last post, actually- I was feeling particularly down. For dinner I ate three king sized candy bars. And not the relatively-healthy, 100% natural ingredient kind I normally try to buy, either. I had three king-sized candy bars…from the dollar store. How trashy am I? I had a healthy breakfast and lunch….a positive day of writing and job hunting…and then I just hit a wall of frustration and went to the store with the intention of buying some q-tips or something and then all hell broke loose. I lied to myself at the store, “Just get three while you’re here for variety sakes; you can spread them out over the course of the next month.” I don’t know where my newly-emerged “love yourself” voice was to say, “Yeah, when has that ever worked before?” That voice was probably craving chocolate, too, I guess.

Anyway, after eating them, I passed out in what is basically best described as something akin to a diabetic coma. When I woke up 7,000 hours later, my joints were stiff, my skin was tender and I could barely lift myself out of bed. I thought, “Enough is enough.”

So I’ve been doing the elimination diet for the past few weeks and keeping a food journal. No substantial findings quite yet, but I’ll keep you posted. It’s a very slow moving sort of process. A full elimination diet takes 6 months- a year. You wait one week between adding anything new in. I have a very sensitive system and usually react to things fairly instantly, so I’m adding new stuff in about every other day, when I seem to respond well to it. I’ll wait a week or so between the stuff that does seem to trigger reactions.

The other thing I’ve been doing is adding a silent meditation before meals. I have an ex who always used to pray before eating and I remember finding it somewhat annoying. I must say, I get it now. Or, at the very least, I get one reason why one might want to do something like that. For me, it helps me be thankful and appreciative, as well as keeps me from gorging. I got this particular prayer out of “Pocket Peace” by Allan Lokos, which has been an invaluable resource for my spiritual growth over the past few years. I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates Buddhist philosophy. I quote the guy all the time and re-read passages constantly. Here’s the prayer:

This food is the gift of the whole universe- the earth, the sky, and much loving work.
May we eat mindfully and be grateful to receive this food.
May we eat with moderation.
May we eat foods that promote health and prevent illness.
May this food nourish along the path of understanding and love.

In other news, I finally, finally, FINE.AH. LEE. have a job interview on Wednesday. The job is for a local classic rock radio station just a few blocks from my house. I’ll have to impress them with my music snobbery.I knew that random trait might come in useful to me one day. 🙂

And lastly, happy holidays to everyone (assuming the world doesn’t end on Friday, right?).  I’m going to have to get creative with what foods to make at my family affairs coming up next week, but that is nothing new for this gal.

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